How We Work

March Conservation Fund believes the complexity of environmental issues facing the 21st century demands an equally intricate and diverse array of solutions. Thinking globally requires that we act locally and globally, since our actions have impacts beyond the boundaries of our communities and even beyond our borders. Embracing the challenge of this complexity, we support a variety of organizations that work for a more sustainable future in different, and yet complementary ways.

Research underpins our understanding of biological systems. We support applied ecological research to ensure that policy makers and land managers have the best available science to forecast the effects of their decisions under alternative future scenarios. Armed with this information, it is the obligation of those decision makers to promote healthy, sustainable communities. Our support of advocacy and education encourages society to demand change in land use and energy policies to create those communities. Finally, to restore and protect populations of threatened species, we need to identify and conserve the most important habitats. March Conservation Fund works with partner organizations to create, expand and steward ecological reserves within the world’s biodiversity hotspots.

Specifically, we are seeking to leverage change in the following areas:

  1. Land Acquisition, Restoration and Stewardship
  2. Ecological Research
  3. Environmental Education and Advocacy

We currently work in North America and in Latin America.