Latin America Grants

The following organizations received support from MCF during the period 2015-2018.

American Bird Conservancy
The Plains, VA

Dedicated to achieving conservation results for birds of the Americas.

Jocotoco Foundation
Quito, Ecuador

Protecting land of critical importance to the conservation of Ecuador’s endangered birds and associated biodiversity.

Bogotá, Colombia

Protecting wild birds and their habitats in Colombia through research, directed conservation actions, and community engagement.

Rainforest Trust
Warrenton, VA

Protecting threatened tropical forests and endangered wildlife by partnering with local and community organizations in and around the areas that are being threatened.

Organization for Tropical Studies
Durham, NC

Providing leadership in education, research, and the responsible use of natural resources in the tropics.

Arlington, VA

Using expertise in behavioral science to empower community-led adoption of new sustainable behaviors and solutions.


Amigos de Sian Ka'an
Cancún, México

Conserving biodiversity by promoting sustainable socio-economic development of communities and influencing culture and environmental policies based on science.


Guatemala City, Guatemala

Promoting the protection of biodiversity through research, monitoring, education, policy, and the establishment of protected areas.


Caucaia, Brazil

Promoting biodiversity conservation and responsible use of natural resources in Northeast Brazil while encouraging changes in attitude to build a sustainable society.


Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Conserving Bolivia’s birds and their habitats by empowering local people.

Honduran Emerald

El Progreso, Honduras

Improving human lives through research, development, and evaluation of environmental and socio-economic projects.


Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Conservation of Brazilian biodiversity.


Cusco, Peru

Conserving threatened flora and fauna and their ecosystems in Peru through protection of biological diversity and sustainable management of natural resources.


Instituto Uiraçu
Camacan, Brazil

Protecting, conserving, and restoring ecosystems of the Atlantic rainforest according to universal ecocentric ethics.

Black-billed Streamertail

Jamaica Conservation & Development Trust
Kingston, Jamaica

Promoting environmental conservation and sustainable development with particular emphasis on the Blue and John Crow Mountains for the benefit of Jamaica and its people.

Seven-colored Tanager

SAVE Brasil
São Paulo, Brazil

Preserving birds and natural environments for a healthy planet for present and future generations.


Sociedad Ornitológica de la Hispaniola
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Conserving Hispaniolan birds and their habitats through research, community education, and professional training.

Global Conservation

Global Conservation
San Francisco, CA

Protection for endangered UNESCO World Heritage and National Parks in developing countries.

Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center

Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center
Washington, DC

Dedicated to understanding, conserving and championing the grand phenomenon of bird migration.